Autopep8 not working

Hi there!

Just started Mosh’s python course today, so I am really a beginner at it as of now (of course hoping to master it soon). For reference running on windows 10.

So I have followed the first chapter of the course (getting starterd) and while I like how Mosh addresses the different topics in a concise way I think the course is somehow outdated. In many steps I had to look for info somewhere else to get things running.

Unfortunately, I have not managed to get the autopep8 to run. Have looked in other sources, tried uninstalling / disabling the autopep8 extension without any luck.

Seems to me the extension is installed but it does not actually executes when its being called.
This is what I get every time autopep8 is called:

does anyone here has an idea on how to fix this?

thanks in advance!