TS warnings not displaying and no autocompletion

I am following the React 18 for Beginners course, currently being at Building Components section, lesson 6.
However my code editor (also using VS code) displays nothing upon hovering over the parameters or anything, also I am getting no error when not specifying the type of parameter.
After specifying the type, I am still getting no suggestion of the properties when using the “.” operator.
Could you please provide a list of the extensions that you’re using for this course?

Thank you!

It should work without any special extensions. Is the Language Mode in your VS Code status bar correctly recognized as “Typescript JSX”?

Yes, it says " TypeScript JSX " in the status bar

Could the issue be caused by an active running extension?

I’ve checked them all and none of it seem to be causing the problem

I event disabled all extensions but I’m still having the issue

update: i finally fixed the issue, which was caused by me editing the tsconfig.json file last year upon following another TS course and I completely forgot about it. now everything works fine