'JSX.IntrinsicElements' problem:RESOLVED

Hi! after completing beginner section of React course, I wanted to start my own project.
But after installing React through Vite I get a lot of errors in my new project. HTML mark ups are non-existing for TS. Everything in App.tsx is red underlined.

When I open it with npm run dev, it works. But I can’t work with error filled code like this.
Can anyone help me please? should I add something to package.json to get TS to read vanilla html markup?

The issue was with older version of VS Code, that can’t read newest bundler from Typescript. You can either rewrite the tsconfig.json from "moduleResolution": "bundler" to "moduleResolution": "node" OR Update your program.

On Mac - I had to move VScode to applications for install process.

Hope this helps everyone who stumbles on same problem.

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