The SVG sprite icons are not working

Hi Mosh

The SVG sprite icons are not working if they are sourced from an external file.
I invested 4 hours without any luck. Then I searched the mosh’s code of ‘Moshify’ project. SVG icons are not working for Mosh’s provided code as well.
Please let me know how to fix this. Thank you.


I have the same problem!!!

Do you have the same issue that is discussed in this thread?:

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Yeah same issue just opened with live server. Why its giving error when i open it with chrome?

The problem is not the browser but the URL. If you open the file from the file system relative URLs in the document are file://-URLs while they are http://- or https://-URLs when hosted on a web server (like Live Server). file://-URLs are considered unsafe for many reasons so browsers apply several restrictions on them.


thankyou soo much :slight_smile: