I'm not able to use the SVG files

Hi guys

I’m trying to get the icons on my web page but for some reason it doesn’t show up.
does anyone know what should I do or what the problem is?


Never did that but I wonder why you are using an xlink namespace when there is no reference to such namespace. Examples I could find do not use it.

I’d say the problem lies there.


Did you manage to fix this? I am having the same issue


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Turns out I was opening index.html from documents not live server. That fixed it.

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I’ll try it. I was just watching the tutorial and I did what Mosh was doing but I faced this issue.

Glad to hear that, but mine still is not fixed.

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Hello guys! I am having some trouble with svg sprites in Icons component part 3 HTML/CSS course.
I followed the same instructions but there is no icons displayed in my “Chrome”browser.
I created the sprite file from the svgsprint.es website and downloaded that file and pasted it on the images folder.
And followed the same instructions but my browser doesn’t display any icons that i wanted to display.
Can anyone help me to solve this issue? I have been stuck with these for a while and searched around and not seen a working solution. thanks.
i have cross checked my code severally