SVG files not opening in VS code? What should i do?

If you know please lemme know


SVG files are XML-based.
VS Code is an editor so you shall be able to open the XML markup in VS Code.

Now there may be extensions to display SVG.

Please specify what the issue you are meeting is.


***as you can see in the picture in the place of highlighted area there used to be “microsoft edge” icon but as in the videos the icon was “chrome” i tried to delete microsoft edge and as a result i ended up with this. How can i put chrome icon in there?


You do not need to uninstall Edge or anything.
Also you do not need to have it exactly the same as in the video if you prefer.

I think you have a file type association issue.
This is simply solved by right clicking on a file and selecting what program you want to use.


If you want to change the application it uses select “Choose another app”

Then you got this window and a checkbox if you want to persist your choice.

Hope this helps.


Thank you so much. I got you.