Style sheet normalizing.css

I don’t understand why we should need a normalize.css file. is it a kind of default style sheet for all browsers? I mean wouldn’t it be annoying changing everytime one property like in the example? Setting margin to 10px if you want space around the content simply because normalize.css sets margin to 0.

normalize.css keeps your HTML elements looking the same across the different browsers. I don’t know what you mean about changing every time; normalize sets the body margin to 0 but you only need to override it once.

Ah maybe you are saying that everyone would want to have a margin for the body element so why would normalize set it to 0 in the first place just to have everyone override it anyway? I’m not sure if that’s the case and for those folks who don’t set a body margin, it might be weird that their body elements have a margin on some browsers but not others.