SQL Database Restore

Hi, I just restored the database before the “Summarizing Data” section in the Complete SQL Mastery Course. Some of the tables get stuck in “fetching,” and I close MqSQL and reopen it. I am getting different numbers than Mosh in the “Aggregate Functions” section.

It appears that you’re facing discrepancies in your database after restoring it, leading to different results compared to the “Aggregate Functions” section in the Complete SQL Mastery Course. To address this issue, first, ensure the integrity of your data by checking for anomalies or missing records. Double-check the accuracy of your SQL queries, as variations can impact results. Confirm that your tables are properly indexed and optimized for performance. If tables are getting stuck, try resetting your MySQL connection. Update statistics to enhance query optimization.
Review the course materials to ensure you’re following the provided examples accurately. Compare your results step by step with the instructor’s. If discrepancies persist, seek assistance from the course instructor or community forums. Remember to back up your database before making any significant changes and provide specific details for targeted support if needed.
I hope these steps help in resolving the issues you’re encountering.