[SOLVED] Issues with the backend for the React Native Course (part 2)

Hello everyone,

I’m currently on the second part of the React Native course and have enjoyed myself so far. I just started the “Networking” section and I was a bit disappointed that we wouldn’t be making the back end as well, but I didn’t find that to be a big deal. What is a bit of a problem is that I am unable to install the dependencies on my Macbook pro (I’m assuming because of the M1 processor it has) nor am I able to install the dependencies the backend needs on my Windows 10 machine so I can run the backend from there. I’m not really sure how to proceed, and I can’t really let things go at this stage because this app is the foundation for my Bachelor’s degree examination that is happening in 14 days.

Does anyone have any tips on how to get around this?

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Alright since nobody proved to be helpful at all here, I luckily managed to diagnose and fix my own problem.

Sharp version 0.25.2 as listed in the package.json lacks the required prebuilt sharp and libvips binaries that are compatible with M1. Thanks to this helpful article by the Sharp people I learned that after version 0.29.0 the prebuilt libraries are included and after testing it, they are indeed functional. So the fix for any unlucky M1 users here is to go to your package.json files and to replace line 25 with
“sharp”: “^0.29.0”


Good Call, I had been tracking it back, and saw where people were trying to like the issue with minipass but Lowell was closing the topics as it had been resolved…however no one kept up on projects like this.

SO MUCH SO, that I just started rewriting the APIs in .NET Core (my native language) and decided to check the forums.

Thanks for making me waste all that time :stuck_out_tongue: This indeed does fix the issue on M1 Macs.

That’s all I needed to do, thanks!

to replace line 25 with
“sharp”: “^0.29.0”

Here is the bang-up-to-date set of installed packages, if you want everything running on the latest versions, most of the code mosh teaches stays the same but one or two packages needed some code tweaks, but you can look at my version of the files if you run into any issues https://github.com/delboy1978uk/react-native-course/blob/master/package.json#L12-L54