[Solved] Don't see backend data in android emulator

Hey guys. In chapter 4 “Networking” of the “The Ultimate React Native Series - Part 2” course we get a backend folder. I followed the instructions, wrote the code correctly, the port is running. I tried searching but couldn’t find a solution. Can someone be my savior?

Can’t see any of the data:

From what I noticed, as well, it keeps waiting for a response and doesn’t get to the second console.log:


And I get this after 2 minutes of waiting:

For those interested, I found the problem. I used the wrong IP at first. But when I found the correct one I didn’t reset the server and the client properly. So when you encounter that problem just find your IPv4 as mentioned here Find your IP address in Windows. and then update the IP in both the client and development files, and restart everything.