Same font-size, different rendering cross web

Iam testing my web page locally on (linux chrome and Microsoft chrome) the font-size of the title is 4.2 rem… the font is displayed in two lines on both of the websites. After i push the changes and open it via domain, in linux chrome it is displayed the way its supposed to be… but in windows chrome its displayed different.

Can you help me with a solution ?
P.s Ive tried normailze css and reset css but they aren’t working

Hey Donald,

I think the easiest approach to this is to share your html and css. You can either insert it here within a code fence like this…

h1 {
    font-size: 4rem;

or you can link to a CodePen or equivalent.

Incase you are don’t receive a fix from the code you provide, you might want to verify a few things so others can assist you better…

  1. what is your native operating system?
  2. are you using virtual machines?
  3. are you using chrome or chromium for linux?
  4. are you meaning google chrome for windows or microsoft edge?