React Native Library Used?

Hello there, I want to enroll on mosh react native course, for those people who are already enrolled, what CSS framework/Library did Mosh use on building the “done with it” app?

hello? someone can answer please? thank you

Mosh had used the style sheet that React Native provides.
And I think it is a good choice as it keeps the things to learn (and to avoid breaking changes in the future) you a minimal.

do you know what backend service mosh use ?

Mosh has built a very basic backend using Node and Express, and all this without the database. The backend uses JavaScript arrays to store data, which is totally understandable because this course aims to teach React Native and not backend development.

For Push Notifications, the Expo’s Push Notification service is used. There’s no compromise on the React Native front in any way, which is totally the Mosh way.