React-native expo image cache not working

Is there any issue with this package ? Its working fine when I am using simple image but when i replace with this as suggested in video it showing blank

I am facing the same issue. Did you solve the problem? I am also looking for the reason. It seems like the image was already cached before implementing the Image component from react-native-expo-image-cache.

I’m getting this error when I try to use the new Image, must be a bug/issue on the new Image. It works fine when I try to use the old Image

RangeNotSatisfiableError: Range Not Satisfiable
at SendStream.error (C:\Users\ASUS\Desktop\Mosh React Native Advanced\Backend\node_modules\send\index.js:270:31)
at SendStream.send (C:\Users\ASUS\Desktop\Mosh React Native Advanced\Backend\node_modules\send\index.js:670:19)
at onstat (C:\Users\ASUS\Desktop\Mosh React Native Advanced\Backend\node_modules\send\index.js:729:10)
at FSReqCallback.oncomplete (fs.js:193:5)

did you solve it? facing same issue

Does anyone able to solve this? The error is coming from Backend\node_modules\send\index.js:270:31

Check out my video tutorial on how to make the image cache to work on the “Done With It” app:–hR44

Prove me wrong, but using Fast Image with expo only let’s you use it in a development environment, not in the actual app.

I am struggling with the same issue getting the RangeNotSatisfiable error. Hope someone has a good clue

Wanted to add some things that may give more information.

react-native expo image cache works with the thumbnail pictures, only the full pictures. Could it be that the file size is too big? How could we fix that?

Also if I change

preview={{ uri: thumbnailUrl }}


preview={{ uri: imageUrl }}

the preview shows me the full pictures perfectly (although it has the tint over it which I cannot figure out how to remove).

Which makes me believe it also could be because of the uri property

UPDATE: After hours of messing with this and no luck on my windows system, android emulator or actual android device, I found that it works perfectly on my ipad. Clearly this looks like a system issue.

As already mentioned the preview={{ uri: thumbnailUrl }} seems to work as expected but the uri= { imageUrl } does nothing.

After trial and error I am finding that uri property works fine with a live image url but fails when using a local hosted ip address as set up in this course.

So if you change


to something like


it works fine. The uri only seems to fail when you give it an IP address.


I feel there has to be an issue with the caching on local system.

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