React-native expo image cache deprecated

Hi, I am just taking the ultimate react native course and i’m on part two of the series(specifically offline support). In the course Mosh is using the alternative
React-native expo image cache however, the library is deprecated. Any idea on the way foward?

Moreover I get this error when i try using it (Android Bundling failed 2730ms
Unable to resolve “react-native-svg” from “node_modules\react-native-progress\Circle.js”)

i’m not using progress circle so i don’t understand why i’m getting this error.

I am trying to reinstall progress and i keep getting error

After struggling to debug the app all night, here’s what i found.

React-Native-Cache-Image has a serious bug, probably because it is deprecated. It broke the react native progress folder thereby causing that error above. I deleted the cached -image folder and remove all trace of the cache-image code from my project and now my project is fine. However, for some unknow reason, i cannot install react-native-progress with npm in this project only yarn. I tried installing it with npm in a new project and it work just fine, if someone got any idea why please let me know.

Lastly my project in running but i still cant complete the offline section due to image-cache being deprecated, I’m hoping @codewithmosh can look into this as the community seems quiet and outside help proving fruitless as well.

you most open the terminal as administrators after that install:

npm install react-native-progress

expo install react-native-svg

focus on the lesson: 17- Adding a Progress Bar

I dont have problem with my progress bar. I had issue with the cache image library since it is deprecated.

Screenshot of the code