React Native Advanced - Suggested Improvements

Hey Mosh and Team,

I’m completing the React Native Advanced Topics Course. I have previously finished Node.js, React, Redux courses. I want to mention that I HATE debugging without automated testing. Node.js does an excellent job with testing, so does the Redux course. The two courses that do not provide testing are React and React Native.

Why does this suck?

Well, debugging in React Native is really a pain in the butt. The simulators and the React Native debugger (standalone) and in VSCode often don’t work, are hard to make work and for a new developer, really challenging to find bugs. I have to restart my simulator often, enabling remote debugging and trying to get network requests, etc in React Native Debugger isn’t easy.

I’d much rather use automated testing, especially with API calls, etc. I’m currently spending A LOT of time trying to find bugs in my React Native code. I hate it.

Can you please provide more help for debugging React Native apps. They’re really not easy with my current tooling. The tooling suggested, isn’t easy to make run the programs, follow the code and find bugs. Can you add testing to this course or provide more feedback on how to properly, quickly, efficiently find bugs in React Native code?

Honestly, I will have to buy an additional course from Udemy on React and React Native automated testing because it’s not included in this course. So it’s not actually the ultimate course because it misses testing and debugging. The small section on debugging didn’t do the trick, the tools are still buggy and don’t work well on my machine.


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There are options out there for mobile automation testing. GennyMotion , Jest, Appium, Espresso or cucumber for behavior driven. As for debugging I have not had any issues using dev options and chrome thus far.

I would like to see a TDD app developed using react-native as well though.

have you done the uncovered topics in advanced react native part 2 like Maps and etc