React Intermediate: Creating Game Details Pages

I am finishing up the React Intermediate course, and I am on the section where we add the Game Details page. I followed the coding exactly, and I loaded the repo code as well to see if there was something I am missing in my code. But both ways, my Game Detail page always comes back with the title as undefined and the description as a bunch of text in Cyrillic alphabet (Russian, I am assuming). Has anyone else had this issue? I am going to investigate the Rawg API further, but I thought it made sense to see if anyone else has run into this as well.

Thanks in advance.

Update: I went and changed everything to use the ID rather than the slug for the games, and it works just fine. I am trying to devise a way to make the UI aspect of this more comfortable, i.e. the URL. But I am happy that I at least was able to get the game description. If anyone has any insights as to what might be going on here, please do let me know.

Another Update: It also seems that the raw description now contains the Spanish description as well. So I made the expanded version of my summary go up until the word “Español” in the text. And I think I will add a small button that also gives the option of reading the Spanish summary as well. Just FYI for anyone interested.