React, game-hub project , git

Dear All
I hope all is well
I am studying the react course and I am at the game-hub project now, at the bingeing of the project Mosh codes some comments on the terminal which are related to git, when I do the same, I face this error
if anyone know the solution, please help

Your operating system does not know any git executable.

It implies you installed GIT
Git - Downloads

Both on Linux and Windows (and actually likely on MacOS) you need to add the path to the GIT binaries in the … PATH environment variable. The procedure varies from OS but is fairly simple.

On Windows just let the installer do it for you.

EDIT: I did not notice it is indeed Windows. You can either rerun the installer/repair installation and pay attention when it asks about adding to PATH or you can find the place where you did install GIT binaries and complete the environment variables manually. If you are not comfortable editing those, just go for the 1st option. Otherwise follow those instructions.
How to Set the Path and Environment Variables in Windows

On Linux you may need to add it but I believe it won’t need extra step.
On MacOS I don’t know. But it is UNIX based so likely close to Linux.

Ask if you need further help with that.

Good luck

thanks, the error solved

I’ve been there, too, when I was learning React and dealing with Git.
The error you’re encountering seems to be related to Git. Double-check your Git setup and ensure you’re in the right directory. Also, make sure you’ve initialized your project with git init. If the issue persists, sharing the specific error message might help the community troubleshoot it better. Also, here, you can play games for real money. Hang in there, and you’ll get through it!

Thanks dear
the problem solved
I use these two code:
git config --global " "

git config --global " "