Python for Developer - frist exercice (FizzBuzz)

I have a question:

When i wrote code to this exercise directly as You (Mosh) in VSCode, when i put 0 it show me “Fizz” as the result.

I fixed this issue to modified code like this:

def fizz_buzz(input):

if input == 0:

    return input

if (input % 3 == 0) and (input % 5 == 0):

    return "FizzBuzz"

if input % 3 == 0:

    return "Fizz"

if input % 5 == 0:

    return "Buzz"

return input


Is this correct solution ?

if I remove the first two lines you added I get “FizzBuzz” as the result, not “Fizz”. Can you test again? Also, I think that the correct result for input of 0 is FizzBuzz because 0/3 = 0 and 0/5 = 0 (or more simply any number divided by zero is zero with no remainder).