Pylint naming convention

When I use pylint it always tell me that variable names such as “x” or “has_good_gredit” do not “conform to UPPER_CASE naming style pylint(invalid-name)”. this doesn’t make an error but it underlines the variable with a blue squiggly line and this is very annoying. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

I’m not sure if you spelled has_good_gredit right…it should be has_good_credit. Bare with me Simon_Valentino I’m new to all this too.

Thank you!

Your link helped me find the solution. For anyone else with this problem, you have to go to settings.json and write:

“python.linting.pylintArgs”: [

This will change all your constant variables to have the naming convention snake_case.

I am trying to follow the same solution, but if I add constant naming style argument in the settings - linting stops working completely for me. For example, if I type print “Hello World” without brackets - pylint does not catch this error.
Not sure if I did something wrong.

Nevermind, figured it out.
Changed the text which I add in the settings file, and it worked for me:

    "python.linting.pylintArgs": [