Problems with parcel

So i’ve set up my package.json, installed parcel, and everything is working fine. However, when I use terminal and try to load my webpage through parcel i get errors and I can’t seem to find a solution. The same errors also appear when I type in parcel build index.html.

The attached image are the errors I encounter. If anyone could help I’d really appreciate it. Been trying to find a solution for hours! :face_with_head_bandage:

So I solved it. Very simple fix once I stopped freaking out about it… :sweat_smile:

When following Mosh during Search Optimisation lesson he introduced us to open graph meta tags. For the image tag, so:

I left the content property as it is above so parcel couldn’t resolve that request, hence the big red alarm symbol. Just remove that Meta tag and parcel will build your index.html.

Will leave up just incase anyone comes across the same and are looking for help!