Problem installing beautifulsoup4 on VS Code

I am on Mosh´´´ s on webscrapping: 7- Web Scraping | Code with Mosh

He shows to install in the terminal beautifulsoup4

However, when I do it, I get an error message:

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance

Late answer, but it might help others in the future. I didn’t do that course, but usually when you want install a new library on python, you will need to use the magic word "pip install " so here it will be : pip install beautifulsoup4.
( I didn’t get why you wrote pycrawler and HelloWorld on your terminal… :confused: )

You are typing parts of Mosh’s prompt. The command is pipenv install package. “pycrawler” “HelloWorld” and the “$” are part of Mosh’s prompt as are “HelloWorld” and “>” on your machine.