Pre-Project Question - iOS & Android apps that Stream Videos from USB?

Maybe this is too elementary for React Native Developers?

I am in the process of taking the Mobile Development Course and will soon be creating iOS and Android Apps for both iPhone and Android phones.

This is my present project:
Presently, I have a website created with HTML, CSS and Javascript. I have created many Wordpress sites over the years also.
I want to run this website CONTENT on iPhones, iPad Pros and Android Phones, without access to the Internet, TOTALLY SELF-CONTAINED.

My testing so far:
I have put the entire website on a USB and my MAC and PC access and run the Website, just fine, without connection to the Internet.
On the other hand, the website on a USB will not run connected to my iPad Pro or iPhone, no Android Phone Available.

Expecting a solution with React Native:
Therefore I want to create an iOS and Android App that has the features of the website and are able to access the App’s images, mp3s and mp4s from a USB with Micro SD Storage. The Apps will stream the Media to Audio and Video Players on the phones or iPads. One video section has 365, 4 minute videos, for example.

Main Question:
Is it possible for an iOS or Android App, created with React Native, to get all its Media from a connected USB?

Thank you in advance for your input and guidance!

Is Expo-AV my solution?

Can it access a USB connected to iPhone or Android phone?

I don’t need the final code just a yes it can or no it can’t and why!

Since you still have not received an answer, I can advise the place where you will receive it faster. Lomray is developing mobile applications, they can help you