Can not run the app in my phone to get ExponentPushToken

I have got my app running well with IOS simulator but now I am trying to ran on my Iphone to ExponentPushToken to use with PostMan but I am getting this

NOTE: my BackEnd is running at this port -->
“assetsBaseUrl”: “”,
“port”: 9004

and my metro bundler is running on this port --> http://localhost:19002/

Hi Dario,

have you managed to solve the problem?
I am having similar issues, except I can only connect my app via localhost, otherwise the app won’t connect to the server at all. I’ve been trying to figure it out for days but nothing seems to be working.

Hope you are ok. Couldn’t figure it out yet. I am going to work on the app this week and see what I can do . At first I thought I was the only one with this problem. Glad you reached me out . If I managed I will give you a shout.

Hi Dario,
I’ve managed to have the app run on my android phone, via USB cable.
Have you tried that?

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Thanks to reaching me out, I will give a try but not sure if it’s going to work with IPhone . Thanks