Please give me feedback on my freelance portfolio

I’ve done a lot of Mosh’s courses and have even built the react app, and the html/ss website and even put them on my portfolio as projects. I got my first real client who is a family member but I’m still setting up my fiverr and wanted to hear feedback on that and my portfolio.

If you have any advice it would really help. If there are others who are thinking of starting their own portfolio or freelance I’d love to share what I’ve learned.

fiverr: Fiverr - Freelance Services Marketplace


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I did pay a quick visit.

Portfolio Site

Fair enough.

  • You state you love responsive but when I display your site on mobile view (I use dev tools on a PC) there are a few things I remark :
    • Where is the menu gone ?
    • The contact me part is not centered in mobile view. That’s a bit odd.

  • I believe the Projects part is fairly OK as is and should more projects be added it would make sense. That said centering that could be a plus. I would have likely used flexbox for that.
  • Not a big deal but my first idea was to click on the image for the projects instead of the button underneath. Many people do the same. Up to you to add this or not.

Cloud Hosting site

Overall it is cool. Nicely animated.

  • On the pricing part the 1st box do not seem to animate like the other 2 cards on hover.
  • I know this is a front-end demo but adding actual links in the top menu would be a plus. I would suggest you just add html anchors. That’s enough for the purpose.

Game Hub

Minimalistic UI. Working features. Neat. :muscle::+1:

  • The game detail page seem to lack a return button. I need to use the browser button.

Hope this may inspire you even a bit.



Thanks so much for the feedback and your time, I’ve started correcting those issues and I really should be looking out for things like that as a professional. I’d be sad if I lost clients over issues i could fix quickly.

May the force be with you!


You are off to a great start! Keep going and you will be a master eventually.

Good luck!

PS: you have a spelling error in “optamized”

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Hey! Good job on the portfolio! Here are some comments I have while going through your website. I attached a few other pictures, but I can’t attach more than one since I’m a new user. I’ve created a gist with the other pictures (Feedback for Hunter Portfolio · GitHub)

Skills Icon Color

Why is the typescript icon the only colored skill? Personally, I think it would be nice having the rest colored in as well - to stay consistent with your design. Or just keep them all white.



I see for the contact section that you’re using an image for the fiverr logo. If you’re using react-icons, you should be able to use the SiFiverr icon instead.

Skills View

Top Padding

First, there’s the padding on the top of the section which is set to 160px. I think I see what you’re going for, but I think it would look better if at least the title of the section was sitting closer to the top, and then you can add the content in the middle.

Icons Vertical vs Horizontal

The vertical format on the phone looks good, but on the desktop, there’s a lot of empty space on the sides, and I think it could look much cleaner if you add the icons horizontally. You don’t have to have it all in one row either, I think it could look nice on two different rows with bigger icon sizes!


To give it a more professional look, I would suggest adding your logo as a favicon so it shows up correctly in the browser. Right now, the favicon logo set in place is the Vite logo.

Navigation on Mobile

As one of the users mentioned above, make sure to add a mobile navigation for your website. I think in the HTML / CSS part 3 course, Mosh has a good example on how he did this with expanding a menu icon.

Minor Note

I think this may be an AOS bug, but I would just like to bring it to your attention. I’ve seen the same issue appear in some of my other websites when the content hasn’t appeared on the screen yet.

AOS Bug?

It’s hard to notice until you start using the dev tools or if you’re using a computer with a smaller screen. It seems that the body is not filling the whole viewport width, which results in this extra space on the right side.

Eventually, once you scroll down and load in the projects, the size adjusts and, and everything looks normal again.

If you’re curious on how to fix it, I would recommend checking with the developers at AOS. Maybe this is a known issue, and they may already have a fix for it.

Keep on it!

Keep up the good work! Keep developing on your own time too so you can add more projects into your portfolio :slight_smile:


haha I should maybe spell that right seeing as I’m calling my fiverr optimized webs. Thanks for catching that.

Thanks so much for helping me, I seriously spent like 3 hours trying to figure out what was the issue with the spacing and i didn’t think it was the AOS but that might lead to a solution. Also there was no typescript icon for font awesome but it does look out of place, i could probably remove it.

For real thanks for the feedback I’ll be looking fixing as much of those issues as i can cause It really might make a difference in terms of finding work.

I got all the feedback so far improved upon to the best of my ability to do so. Thanks everyone who commented and helped me I’m definitely looking much more professional on my website now.

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