Please can someone help me to solve this question

  1. Write a Java program that generates random numbers with your ID as the Class Name.
    Use a Do-While loop and a method to display a Menu Interface with the following options
    1 - Register
    2 - View
    When the user selects option 1:
    The program must ask the user to register by taking the following details with the help of a method called Register
    a. Index Number
    b. First Name
    c. Last Name
    d. Department
    e. Level
    f. Age
    This information must be written to a text file called Random Numbers.
    The program must now use a For loop to generate the random numbers with the users age as the seed in the following format: XXXX - XXXX - XXXX (where X can be any alphanumeric character)

When the user selects option 2:
The program asks for the users Index Number
The program checks if a random number has been generated for the user previously in the text file.
If Yes: the program displays the Random Number
If No: the program displays an error message using Try-Catch and displays the menu screen again.