Output window not giving output

I had format my laptop than install python and visual studio code again and even install code runner which was suggested by mosh…still i am not getting output in output terminal , but when i run same code in terminal window than i am getting output. I want to know y my output terminal is not working??

have never used output, but from a photo in right top corner I see you have Tasks, maybe if you chose a python probably than it will work

Thanks for reply . But still not working.

Hey , code is not running using shortcut keys but when i run code by clicking run option then its working…and i checked alt , ctrl and n keys which r running perfectly fine in other apps…please can anyone suggest how to fix this problem…

From Microsoft Doc

The Output window displays status messages for various features in the integrated development environment (IDE). To open the Output window, on the menu bar, choose View > Output, or press Ctrl+Alt+O

You gave me interest, it mean it is not supposed to show your code output, but output log messages. Use your debug mode (when you test run your code) or terminal. I personally prefer even command prompt. For shortcuts go in your VSC settings or CTRL+K and then CTRL+R and you can find all default shortcuts.
Happy coding

I will advise you download Anaconda and use spider for writing your codes.I remembered I had similar issues two years ago when I started writing python codes with visual studio but since I have been using spider I have no problems at all.