VS output display has stopped allowing input(code)

New to Python so have been using the suggested Visual Studio. It worked fine up until today and I haven’t been able to restore it to the way it I think it worked previously. When I run a code requesting an input from the user, (val = input(“enter–>”), it won’t accept any input when I run the code in the output section. However, the code works fine if I run it in the terminal section. Researching the internet shows other users with the same problem but I haven’t found a solution. Any ideas would leave me with a few strands of hair. Thanks

I don’t think the output window accepts input. I’m not sure how you had it working before! The Code Runner extension has a Run in Terminal setting that tells it to run code in the terminal by default, but maybe you’ve already found that.

Thank you for your reply. When I got further into the tutorials I discovered that I could only run it in Terminal. I must have got mixed up along the way somewhere…maybe swapping between pycharm, thonny and visual studio at the same time.