Odd mouse cursor

I am using the programming application recommended in the course, Visual Studio Code.

I noticed that sometimes my mouse cursor gets transformed into a long vertical line with little teeth on one side, like a saw. It is annoying because it leaves VSC, in other words, my mouse cursor looks like that in all other programs as well, until I close VSC.

How can I avoid that?

I really don’t like that environment. How come there is no shortcut for Run? It seems I have to click twice just to execute code. I think it used to be one click months ago, but now it is two.

Is there a better, simpler, more user-friendly Python programming environment you can recommend to a beginner? :slight_smile:

PyCharm Community from JetBrains :slight_smile:(Download PyCharm: Python IDE for Professional Developers by JetBrains)
Maybe it’s not easier or simpler, but everything works for me on it.

You can download JetBrains Toolbox from where you can install any IDE for different programming languages (JetBrains Toolbox App: Manage Your Tools with Ease)