Object id changes in Django Reverse function

I’ve started to learn django with Mosh course and it’s very good, but I faced with a problem in admin section,
when I want to add a history for one of my models in their admin change list get this error
“NoReverseMatch at /admin/ticketing/ticket/”

It seems the object id returns as a tuple, I have the same problem for another model too, but in my third model this doesn’t happen.

this is code :
class TicketAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
actions = [‘change_status_to_close’]
autocomplete_fields = [‘member’]
list_display = [‘id’,‘member’,‘title’,‘create_time’,‘last_update’,‘status’,‘history’]
list_editable = [‘status’]
list_filter = [‘status’,(‘create_time’,DateTimeRangeFilter),
list_per_page = 20
search_fields = [‘id’]
sortable_by = [‘create_time’,‘last_update’,‘id’,‘status’]

def history(self,ticket):
    url = reverse('admin:ticketing_ticket_history',args=str(ticket.id))
    return format_html('<a href="{}">History</a>', url)

here is the error:

Thank you if you can advise