Getting Type Error in django admin display


I get a Type Error when listing objects in the Django admin display. The class has one ForeignKey. My code is modeled like the storefront app. The class is similar to its ‘Product’ class.

Django Version: 4.2.7
Exception Type: TypeError
Exception Value: missing 1 required keyword-only argument: ‘manager’
Exception Location: C:\Users\xx.virtualenvs\saidm_front-BQyjU-Hl\Lib\site-packages\django\contrib\admin\, line 285, in lookup_field
Raised during: django.contrib.admin.options.changelist_view
Python Executable: C:\Users\xx.virtualenvs\saidm_front-BQyjU-Hl\Scripts\python.exe
Python Version: 3.11.1

StackOverflow suggests it is caused by a function call t.entry_set.all() , not t.entry_set().all() I’ve searched my code, and that call or one like is not used.

The regular store interface e.g., store/product works. admin/store/product shows the type error. That seems to point to an HTML interface error?

Thoughts/suggestions, please.