"No module named 'playground'

Hi ! I’m following the django course from Mosh. I’m 30 minutes in and facing an issue.

When i try to run the server with “python3 manage.py runserver”, it gives me the error "No module named ‘playground’. Playground is the name of the app we are creating in the tutorial.

I tried, as i saw in another forum, to install Playground, it took 20 minutes and still gives me the same error.

Here is the ling to the tutorial that i’m following: Django Tutorial for Beginners [2021] - YouTube

Someone has a clue ?
Thanks a lot !!

Have you entered ‘playground’ in INSTALLED_APPS list in settings.py?

Yes I did ! I wrote: ‘playgroung ‘

you better correct it :grin:
it’s not playgroung it’s playground

lol also facing the same problem, ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘plaground’
and i have type ‘playground’ in installed_app list in setting and still getting an error

did you saved all the file changes before starting the server

Thank you very much , I have been able to solve the error , please can you send me the full video of the e-commerce Django with mosh because I don’t have enough money now to purchase a premium