Next Js course Error ...Cant continue ...please help

Make sure that you’ve executed the prisma init command after installing it using “npx prisma init” in the terminal.

tried…still same error :frowning:
Error: Could not resolve @prisma/client despite the installation that we just tried.

By any chance are you executing commands in the node shell (in VSCode terminal)? Sometimes Node shell can be a bit annoying regarding these issues. Have you tried executing these commands using normal command prompt (or change the terminal type to cmd in vscode)?

And are you sure Prisma is installed properly? (Check your node modules folder for confirming this)

Also please tell me whether you have “.prisma” folder inside node modules or not (There should be one folder named “@prisma” and one “.prisma”, .prisma gets created when you run init)

Dear AmiraliShs,

I tried cmd in vscode… instead of powershell and run the commands .It works Yeah !
I must really thank you <3


I can continue lessons now :slight_smile:

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