NextJs Part 1 - Invalid prisma.user.create()

Hi, I’m facing an issue in NextJs course, Part 1
Lesson 11: Authentication with Next Auth
Mosh stop facing that issue when stopping and re running npm run dev but it did not work for me.
Still checking, someone can have an idea what it is?
for reference I’m attaching an screenshot with the error.

I would focus on the prisma commands:

npx prisma format
npx prisma validate
npx prisma migrate dev
npx prisma generate

It looks as though some of your recent schema changes might not be deployed into the database. If you can check your database tables for user.hashedPassword field, that’ seems to be what it’s confused about.

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Awesome, I tried the prisma commands you recommended and it worked fine now :slight_smile:
yeah probably a sync issue in the database for that hashedPassword field
Thank You very much!

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