Need your help with coding with selenium, java, TestNg

Hi everyone,
I’m a QA student, quite new in this field and I need some help in coding. I’ve got a task, using selenium, TestNg, and Java. The only things that I did well were to write the annotations of BeforeClass and AfterClass but the test itself is too hard for me.
I’m required to do the following steps (which I’m not sure how to do) on a demo website and I’ll be grateful for your help.
a. To verify the price of a certain product (using assert),
b. To write my first name and last name in a form so I can order the product.
c. To choose from the Combo Box the Delivery option,
d. Check that the price has been changed (with the addition of the delivery),
e. There’s a coupon number that I need to print in the Additional Comments Field.
f. Click the button “Submit Your Order”.
g. An alert window will pop up and will present my first&last name&the coupon number.
h. I’ll need to close the alert window,
i. Close the HTML website.

I appreciate your help!
Best regards,

What do you have so far? It would be easier to help if we could see the implementation class and the test class (so far).

Not sure we will have lots of experience among the students with all of the parts here, but that is minimally what we would need to be able to help here. Are you able to do any of the steps or do you need help with all of them? If you can focus in on specific questions you need answers to that makes it easier for others on this forum to help.

Thanks for your response.
I need help with all the aspects that I mentioned in the message.
It won’t help to show you the task because it’s in Hebrew.

Let me be clear: it is nearly impossible to help without more information. At a minimum we would need to see the implementation class (or its interface) that you are testing so that we know what the API looks like to be able to write a test for it. Without something like that it is meaningless to ask “To verify the price of a certain product (using assert)” for example.

NOTE: I am asking for the Java code you are testing, not the description of the task. Presumably the code itself is in English.

Hi Jason,
I appreciate your help alot!!!
I’ll take a picture of what I’ve done so far in Java. But I’m not sure I did it properly, though.
Take a look at it and I’ll write to you the instructions I need to follow in order to solve this out.
Best regards,

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Well, is it possible to have a zoom meeting ? so we can do it together?

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I couldn’t attach a pic here. So if it’s possible to meet on zoom, that would be great.