Need little trick!

So one of the biggest challenges i have been faceing with learning HTML / CSS is being able to view my changes on mobile LOCALLY, as you know if you build a site locally, you can only see the changes made local to the computer you are using, but what about a good mobile view?

I asked in the forum got some great suggestions, I Googled a bit and found a solid solution to view your website on mobile, I hope this helps someone out, this could be very helpful!

Open a browser on mobile, and go to the the IP address of your server, and type this in the browser example - the 5500 is my local host port number, add yours accordinglly.

Doing this pulls up a mobile view of your site on your phone! ENJOY!

This will work. I thought it might be worth mentioning that most browsers have dev tools that have emulators built into them for various screen sizes as well as mobile devices. The emulators are usually very close to the device you specified, but testing it on the device is always going to give you the best result.

Most people just don’t have a wide range of devices to test so that’s what the emulator is for.

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