Problem resizing a Chrome window to go from Mobile Version to Desktop Version

While doing The Ultimate HTML5 & CSS3 Series: Part 3 course, lesson 28, I realized I’m only seeing the Mobile Version of the code in my Chrome browser (where I have the Live Server window).

In the course, I see Mosh resizing his Chrome window on Mac to see the Desktop version (see screenshot Mosh-view), but I can only see the mobile version, with the collapsed menu. I tried to look into the Chrome developer tools for a solution but no matter what I do, I can only see the Mobile Version (my laptop’s resolution is 1920x1080).

Has anyone else encountered this and knows how I can see the Desktop Version instead of mobile and get the resizing to work (I’m using Windows 10)?

This is My view

Check your code again, you might have missed something there. This is a big lesson for all the programmers out there, always make sure to check your code.

I just went through a looooong code review and you were right, there was an issue there (luckily I had the correct code version, posted by Mosh). Now it works, thanks!

Your welcome, I had somewhat of the same issue as you so I just went through the code in the same section, you don’t need to go through the whole code, just the same section. Hopefully this advice helps you and reduces the time taken for finding an issue in the code.