MYSQL on Windows

Hi there. I hope you are doing well. Could you tell me how to increase the size of the navigation bar on the left corner of MySQL studio. I am using MySQL on Windows 11 for your reference

Just move the mouse pointer over one of it’s borders until the mouse pointer changes to a resize symbol. Then drag it until the size fits your needs.

I couldn’t increase the size of text such as “Database” and “Table” icons with texts on the navigation bar on the left cornor. On SQL Management Studio on Windows system we have option called “Tool” and size of environment where we can increase anything we want on this program. But unfortunately I couldn’t find it on MySQL. Please help me to fix it.

There are no options for this in Edit/Preferences/Fonts&Colors. Try increasing system font sizes or accessibility options.

When you work with MySQL database, you can use tool like dotconnect for mysql.