How to change fonts in SQL

I installed SQL by following the same instruction which was on the SQL course.
I need to change the font size in SQL, however, (Tool ) tab in my SQL doesn’t have (Option) so I can’t change the font size. I use windows 11.


To change the font size you need to go to:
Edit → Preferences → Fonts & Colors

Thanks for your reply keelo.

I have done that and put big numbers there but my font is still small.

I think the values are too high.
Trying Use 2 digits like 16 or 18
make sure there is a space between the font and font size

consolas 16
tahoma 16

Yes! I did so but still couldn’t change it.
Sorry for asking again.

The changes won’t show on any existing query tabs.
Click OK then open a new query tab and you should notice the changes

Thanks a lot it worked !

no problem. Happy to help