MYSQL-did not find developer default Option

Hi, I was attemtpting to install the latest version of mysql community server when I install mysql installer “I did not get developer default option in Choosing a setup type”.

I have attached screenshot for ref.

Please guide me if something wrong

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Default option simply means the option it is set by default when you come to a dialog. Do not seek for “Default Option” written as is.

If you come to the dialog on the screen shot and see Server only on it without having touched the setting yet, then “Server only is the default”.

Now to explain the different options

You may need both the server and client so I would change to full.
Now if you do not mean to use MySQL from a console then the default is OK.
You will access MySQL from your programming language or MySQL Workbench or alike product.

I would personally just go custom for the sake of seeing what the options are.

Good Luck

thanks !!! @UniqueNospaceShort

Hi, I have done through custom its working fine but When I import the data its showing “fetching”. in attachment showing clearly.


Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I have no knowledge on that problem myself but I think there were similar problems asked about something of that kind in the past.

You can search the forum for “mysql fetching” for instance.

Or you can take the bull by the horns and try to find another source such as SO.

Good Luck

thanks !!! for suggesting, now all data fetched after restart the Workbench @UniqueNospaceShort