Metro Bundler/Android Emulator

I am currently working thru the react native course.
When I try to open an Android Emulator from the metro bundler I get errors and or it just does not
work? Any suggestions as how to connect the two?

This is The error code I get…

Couldn’t start project on Android: No Android connected device found, and no emulators could be started automatically.
Please connect a device or create an emulator (Android Studio Emulator - Expo Documentation).
Then follow the instructions here to enable USB debugging:
Cómo ejecutar apps en un dispositivo de hardware. If you are using Genymotion go to Settings → ADB, select “Use custom Android SDK tools”, and point it at your Android SDK directory.

I’ve found Expo and Metro Bundler are good at connecting to emulators – if you have one running before you start the app.

Do you have Android Studio installed and have you launched an emulator via the “AVD Manager” option in the “Configure” menu?

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