Login issue on code with mosh

i am get following message on all my browsers when trying to log into code with mosh.

Your reCAPTCHA was invalid. Please try again.

i see no captcha message when logging in.
i have flushed DNS, cleaned cache on all my browsers.
restarted computer…
any ideas?

Send an email to support@codewithmosh.com - I think they would have to help you if all of the standard things did not work. Maybe something funky going on with your account (might also try the password reset route).

I have also been having this exact same issue. Ill give the password reset a try though not sure how they are related

That is just a workaround suggestion since it may get your account out of some odd state on CodeWithMosh’s end. It has the advantage of being something you can do without contacting support. That being said, you may still end up having to contact support. This is just another idea you might like to try if you do not want to wait for support to help you.

it has cleared up… must have been a web site issue. not my browser issue.

thanks for your help

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