Is this possible at all with CSS?


I want something as “easy” as getting the boxes to be closer together like in a "masonry"layout, but whatever I try, nothing work. Is it possible at all with CSS?

I´ve seen alot of videos and red about grid and masonry-layout, but nobody has the exact answer to my problem :man_shrugging: Is this possible at all?

(Is this forum alive at all?)

This might help you

Yes. Focus on column layouts. Then inside each column, have the rows. When rows are on the outside, you get the blocks like that. If you build a column with contained rows, that takes care of that.

You can easily do this with CSS or grid layout tools.

If you need it more complicated, such as different widths and different heights, that’s harder, but yes it can be done with CSS. You may need absolute positions to align things if everything is a different size.