HTML CSS Pt 2, Layout, Exercise 2 Photo gallery: Lower edge of 2x2 area doesn't line up with other cells in grid

In the photo gallery exercise in Pt. II, Layout, 2nd exercise, I noticed that both in my own solution as in the provided solution, the bottom edge of the 4x4 area doesn’t line up nicely with the cell to its left, there is slightly more white space.

I’m unclear as to what this whitespace is, because hierarchy-wise there is nothing ‘between’ the gallery container and the image in the provided solution .html. It seems to be the 2*2 grid area itself:

Different Object-fit settings don’t change it, setting image width to a higher value (e.g. 105%) moves the border down but also moves the right border to the right, the whole image gets bigger, in other words, creating an offset to the right, essentially moving the problem.

Has anyone noticed this and found/know a fix for it?

Try setting the height of each of your items to 100% the way mosh gave hint about the width. It might solve your problem. Let me know if it worked.

Thank you for the suggesion. I just tried it and it didn’t fix it. It is even visible in Mosh’s solution (although it’s less noticeably so than in mine).

Did you figure it out?

Hi, no I didn’t, kindof got busy with other stuff