Is anyone else interested in earning the Reader badge?

Not sure there is a good category for this type of conversation, but I get a small bit of joy every time I see a new badge icon from doing one of the random tasks on this forum and I hope there are others like me out there. However, I see that there are a number of badges that are currently impossible to achieve. One of them feels like it just takes enough people interested in making it happen to get there and that is the Reader badge:

This badge is granted the first time you read a long topic with more than 100 replies.

It would seem that the forum does not (yet) have a topic with 100+ replies. So, if anyone else loves collecting badges the way I do, feel free to help make it happen by replying on this topic so that we can get to that magic 100 replies and give people a place to earn that badge! Or not. I am just doing my part to help share the love of badge collecting.

Happy Tuesday everyone!


Hey! Let’s try to do it!

Oh and maybe you can help me (I created a post but was suspended because I edited it too many times lol)
I am taking the angular long course and this error is showing, related to HTTP request, I know it’s not the good place to post it but I am so confused and cannot go ahead… :confused:

deletePost(post: any) {
    // this.service.deletePost(345) // post['id']
      next: response => {
        let index=this.posts.indexOf(post);
        this.posts.splice(index, 1);
        alert('This should not be displayed, since post id number 345 does not exist!');
      error: (error: Response) => {
        if(error.status === 404) {
          alert('This post has already been deleted!');
        else {
          alert('An unexpected error occurred!');

The service code is the same as in the video

deletePost(id: number) {
    return this.http.delete(this.url + '/' + id);

However, as soon as I click on the delete button, the method used by the subscribe method is the “next” one and not the “error” one, I really don’t get why…

I think the HTTP service actually returns success for any input now (I think it used to error out on some inputs back when Mosh created the course). You should be able to verify by making a call manually.

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It occurs to me that we can probably just keep adding replies on this thread and get there eventually. Not sure if it would work if I just keep replying to my own messages.

Thanks will try this then! Thank you for the answer!

Ok, will try to help whenever I come to this forum :slight_smile:

If we only replied to each other’s messages once per day we would get to 100 replies in about 50 days. If anyone else joins in it would go faster. Of course multiple replies per day would speed things up.

I think I just tweaked the calling code to force an error for certain inputs manually rather than actually calling the server in order to test the behavior. Essentially, faking out the calls to the backend.

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I don’t know how many messages we can post a day on the same post without it being considered spam

Thanks appreciate that!

What courses have you done on this website yet?

Maybe a good time for an “introduce yourself” category. I’m sure all the newer people adding to it would ramp the replies up.

Neither do I, but I suspect it does not consider back and forth banter to be spam.

A few different ones: Angular was what I came here for. Also took the Git and Typescript courses.

That is certainly one way. It would mean everyone has to be willing to say hello on that thread if we want to hit a centithread. Ping ponging on one thread is easier to achieve artificially.

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Indeed that’s a good idea

Yayyy so let’s continue

Oh ok thanks! did you take the beginner to pro course? I like it but sometimes things are so much deprecated I have to spend 4 hours to start the chapter lol, but looks like I found something interesting with all updated code here: GitHub - smmk123/angular-lessons: Code with Mosh Angular lessons updated for Angular 13

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So far so good. I also apparently have new powers on this forum that the only other person who has it is Mosh (and presumably support staff). Seems unlikely I’ll get blocked anytime soon.