I can't sign up for the RAWG website

I find that I can’t sign up and log in on the RAWG website, so I can’t generate the free API for the data we need to use.
I an wondering is there anyone encounter the same problem and how you fix it?

Are you shore that you can’t register?

For me it worked.

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I have same problem. How we fix it, we can’t watch rest of course @Mosh

I have the same problem. When I try to login I get a white screen with error message “Cannot POST /login”

Currently stuck and unable to proceed on course

(It is a really good course btw, very very useful hence why I am keen to complete it)

Any update on this issue?

Same problem here.
Great course but rawg.io doesn’t even let me register so no API for me :frowning:
Can’t even login with facebook or steam.
I wouldn’t even mind paying for API acces.

Please help @Mosh

Or maybe someone can recommend me some different API so i can finish this course :slight_smile:

OK it finally worked. What I did was try to register a bunch of times and it finally worked, I got a confirmation email. Just when you try different passwords and logins write them down somewhere because I didn’t and I had to try couple of times befeore i remembered the password that i used.

Same problem. This course appears quite useless without the API key. Please fix or update the course to use a different API. I’m stuck waiting for this.:rage:

I faced the same issue this morning, tried several times but after few attempts it started showing user already exists, then tried to login but couldn’t maybe password mismatch hence clicked on forgot password to reset and tried to login it worked after resetting the password!

Same issue. c’mon @Mosh, I paid for this course and I can’t complete it.

For those having issues signing up for RAWG:

I filled out the sign-up form, kept hitting submit but nothing happened. There was no error message. Here’s what I found:

I used the dev tools to check the response from the sign-up form. It was “{“password”:[“This password is not safe. Please, create another.”]}”. I used a generated password and it was excepted. So their password rules are deeper than indicated.

Too bad there’s no message indicating the error.

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You can they just changed the location of the buttons since he made the video

I tried a lot, finally instead of signing up I went for forgetting password without having any account! It worked for me!!!