Cant sign up in, hence no API key

I cant sign up at: “” due to an internal server error. I need an API key to fetch the games. Is there something I can do?

Well, I’ve had the same issue. I tried on different days and with different methods. No luck. I was pretty pissed about this and about to quit that tutorial series for good.

But then I thought about it a bit and finally moved on to another data source for movies called TMDB, which offers API support and an extensive documentation. To get data use the bearer token not the provided API key. The example in the doc used node with a fetch implementation. It also works with the implementation Mosh did in his tutorial using axios. See the attached screenshots using a static search value. This should be enough to finish this series and the second part.
Best of Luck and happy coding.

Hey, it didn’t work for me either in Chrome, but then I tried another browser (Safari, in my case) and I was able to sign up for the RAWG website and get the API key.

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