This file is not available as mention by mosh in python course


Where did you get that link from? Use the links below the videos. You can also find them in my post here.

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mosh python course in youtube

Go to this and download all Materials.

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how can I get that file

following the python course, this music file is not found:
also this your above link redirect to youtube, nothing to download,

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did you get a solution yet bro, I’m stocked too

hi i downloaded the csv file but when i want to read it it sends me an 'fill not found error
can someone help me please? (the csv fill opned with excl)

did you solve it ? having same issue, csv downloaded as excel

Try to read the file with the name of the file on your computer
For example my was saved music-1

So instead of Mosh own👇
Music_data = pd.read_csv(‘music.csv’)

I did👇
Music_data = pd.read_csv(‘music-1.csv’)

Hope it helps✌️