HTML/CSS datalist

Hi there. Can you please advice me where is my mistake that datalist window is smaller than input field length?


  <input type="text" list="Countries" />

  <datalist id="Countries">




    <option>United States</option>


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The code you posted is fine. The issue must be somewhere else.

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Thanks. I will try to find out :slight_smile:

Hello Sam Can you solve my query which I posted few days ago about Build for Production

Hello Cap,
It is a question posted last year, but it might be useful for others looking to fix this problem, as I have the same
It took me a lot of time to figure it out, but following Stack Overflow

Seems is impossible to do, as it is the browser deciding the dimension of this drop-down suggestion if you are using the data list function

The <datalist> element is very inflexible - you cannot style it at all as its styling comes from the browser and the browser only.

The code you posted is very fine. Maybe is from somewhere else.