Style in form input

Hi, I use python with django and for the frontEnd part html and css.
I have this code:

        <label for="{{ form.AccessiNume.id_for_label }}"> Accesses No.: </label>
        {{ form.AccessiNume }} <style> input#id_AccessiNume {width: 55px;} </style> {{ form.AccessiNume.errors }}

I have read from several places that inline styling should not be used. But to change the width of the field iin input how can I do ?


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Don’t you manage your style in CSS already ?
If so, are you maybe using a framework that uses technics such as adding a dynamic identifier to styles such as ASP or Blazor CSS isolation ?

This can result in your changes in CSS not being applied because of misuse or misconfiguration.


Where is the input tag ?

I apologize to everyone and especially to you who responded to me.
I will move the forum to Django