HTML and CSS part 3 Typography

Hello Everyone,

My google fonts is looking very different than what is shown in the video by Mosh. I see much limited options and when I copy the HTML for Inter 700 its not showing the desired results.
Can someone plz help.


Just bought the course a few days ago and I have not reached that part yet.
However I already know HTML and some CSS. What do yo mean by options ?

Do you mean those font variants ? Bold, Italic, monospace, you name it…
Likely the interface of Google Fonts may have changed compared to Mosh course.

Tell us more.


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Thanks for your reply. Next to the font, I don’t see the option ‘select this style’. And I am unable to select more than 1 font at a time. And my font looks different than google fonts.

Indeed. I can’t see it neither. I knew a time it was not obvious but you could still find it.
Now there is a Get font button that seem to add the whole font family to a cart.

I guess that’s how it works now. At least if you download the archive. There is a embbed font option to generate code so that you get the font directly from Google Font when your site can reach the internet.

Some fonts have more control that others to pick styles.

Don’t get stuck by such differences between the course and what is actually displayed.

Hope it helps.